Murray & Roberts is a leading engineering and contracting group of companies and focuses its expertise and capacity on delivering sustainable project engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance solutions. The Group delivers its capabilities into the resources (metals & minerals) and renewable energy sectors.

Murray & Roberts is a group of world-class companies and brands aligned to the same Purpose and Vision, and guided by the same set of Values.


Enabling fixed capital investments that support the advancement of sustainable human development.


    1. To be a leading multinational engineering and construction group that applies its project life cycle capabilities to optimise client’s fixed capital investment.

Murray & Roberts is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, and is listed on the JSE Limited.

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Murray & Roberts enables and optimises fixed capital formation that corporations, governments and institutions commit to the advancement of sustainable human development.

The Group’s purpose-led business model connects our capabilities to the investment our clients make in infrastructure that advances sustainable human development. Through the critical infrastructure we design, construct, maintain and operate, we empower global communities. The Group’s Purpose makes sustainable human development central to our governance approach, our competitiveness as a contractor and employer of choice, and our commitments as an ethical corporate citizen. As the Group moves to realise greater opportunities for growth, profitability and value creation, our strategic choices will continue to be framed by our Purpose, inspired by our Vision and guided by our Values.


Our competitiveness as a contractor and an employer, and our ability to secure optimal value from our projects within manageable risk, rely on the consistent application of Engineered Excellence.

Engineered Excellence defines our management approach at every level of the organisation. Vested in careful and conscious planning, its application demands leadership commitment, shared learning and continuous improvement. In our responses to challenging operating contexts, in making unavoidable trade-offs and sequencing our priorities, it aims to remove chance from our pursuit of the outcomes our stakeholders expect; it therefore fortifies our aspiration to be a contractor and an employer of choice.

This operating philosophy, which together with our Values define the Group’s culture, brings discipline and rigour to every decision and action. It is embedded within our businesses through policies and management systems, including the Group Sustainability Framework, our HSE framework, the Group Statement of Business Principles and the Group ethics framework. These frameworks set clear expectations for our employees, platforms and business partners, and their application is tightly governed throughout the Group.

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