The Murray & Roberts Group works in environments with diverse cultures, needs and expectations. It is imperative that we develop clear community engagement plans for our projects and identify local needs and priorities to ensure that our host communities share in the economic value created. In addition to local employment, our socioeconomic programmes support local procurement and enterprise development, and community upliftment initiatives.

Infrastructure that supports human development, wealth creation and better living standards is the legacy we will leave for future generations. In our engineering and construction of this infrastructure, our business activities together with our sustainable localisation programmes create socioeconomic value for the communities where we work.

Our localisation programmes extend beyond our diversity, equity and inclusion programmes in our workplaces. They aim to leave a lasting positive impact, whether through fair and equitable services and procurement opportunities, or solutions that respond to the challenges faced by these communities. When starting a new project, we develop clear community engagement plans to ensure successful project delivery as well as support the diverse cultures, needs and expectations of the surrounding community.

Our localisation initiatives include enterprise development initiatives that support local businesses, preferential procurement with local enterprises, and community upliftment initiatives. Over the years, our successful joint ventures with local businesses have delivered complex projects and provided meaningful opportunities for these partners. Our learning and development programmes enhance employment prospects for individuals as well as the skills of local economies.


The Group maintains a high standard of corporate governance, integrity, and ethics, which are non-negotiable features in the pursuit of its value creation strategy. We have approved and adopted a core set of values, policies, and standards, which are required to be applied and practiced in all our business activities. Our business partners, including suppliers of goods and services, help us deliver on our commitments to stakeholders. It is therefore imperative that we partner with suppliers that share our commitment to sustainable development. This is fundamental in creating and maintaining beneficial relationships and trust amongst our stakeholders. Our Supply Chain Standard is implemented by the Murray & Roberts Limited Board and the Managing Directors of all companies within the Murray & Roberts Group.


In South Africa, we support the country’s policies to redress inequality and historical imbalances. We have consistently maintained strong BBBEE credentials, based on our commitment to improve black representation, including black women, in our management structures and our good performance within the enterprise and supplier development pillar (contribution to black-owned and black women-owned businesses and interventions to assist small businesses) and socioeconomic development pillar (contribution to local communities).

The Group maintained its Level 1 BBBEE rating measured against the Construction Sector Code. The economic interests held by black shareholders in our South African operations was 92.41% (FY2021: 96.83%) with black women holding 49.29% (FY2021: 40.26%).