All vacancies within the Group are advertised at www.careers.murrob.com. Alternatively, you can contact the relevant operating entity company directly. You will find a full list at http://www.murrob.com/contacts_directory.asp.

No, as we need to firstly accommodate our bursary students. However you can contact the relevant operating entity directly to see if they are able to accommodate you. The full list can be found at http://www.murrob.com/contacts_directory.asp.

Applications for bursaries are made online at www.careers.murrob.com. Please visit the site for up to date information on what we offer and application dates.

The Letsema shares are administered by Molebedi. Please contact the Molebedi Client Service Centre on 086 143 6233 or molebedi-web@boe.co.za.

Please contact Link Market Services on 0861 546 0800 or 011 630 0800 or info@linkmarketservices.co.za

The Annual Report can be downloaded from our website, or you can read it online.  You will also find results and financial information from previous years.  Business Updates and minutes from the AGM are also available.  Please log onto our Investor Relations page

You may send a written proposal to csi@murrob.com. However our focus areas are the advancement of maths, science and technology; literacy and numerical development in early childhood and environmental awareness.  Preference will be given to projects that are in line with this focus.

The results are made available on the last Wednesday in February and August. They are released on SENS and also at www.murrob.com. Further information can also be found at http://www.murrob.com/inv_overview.asp

There is no central human resource department for the Group.  Please contact the relevant operating entity for confirmation.  The name of the company can be found on the top left hand corner of the payslip and the contact details on the company directory page.

You will find information on the Group Directorate and Executive Committee at http://www.murrob.com/au_overview.asp

Murray & Roberts has a long and proud heritage of more than a century and is today recognised as a multinational project life cycle group. It’s the Group’s vision, to be a leading multinational engineering and construction group that applies its project life cycle capabilities to optimise client’s fixed capital investment. The Group achieves this by focusing its expertise and capacity on delivering sustainable project engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance solutions.

Contact Tip-Offs Anonymous at toll free number 0800 00 32 46 for telephone, 0800 00 77 88 for fax or email murrob@tip-offs.com