Stakeholder engagement

We define our key stakeholders as groups or individuals who are in contact with or impacted by our operations, have an interest in what we do or the ability to influence our activities, or who are dependent on the Murray & Roberts Group.

Our stakeholders are diverse and include, among others, shareholders, financial institutions, public and private clients, governments and regulators, communities and NGOs, industry and professional bodies, employees and employee organisations, joint venture partners, service providers and suppliers. Our relationships with each stakeholder or stakeholder group directly impacts our sustainability, therefore our engagement is ongoing and takes place at both the corporate office and business operation levels across the Group.

For a complete report on our Stakeholder Engagement see our online integrated report.

Our stakeholder engagement policy requires that we:

  • Comply with the principles of the fourth King Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa (“King IV”) and its recommended practices pertaining to stakeholder relationships;
  • Consider the views and concerns of stakeholders in our strategic and operational decision-making;
  • Integrate stakeholder engagement into the Group’s ongoing management activities, including those of its businesses;
  • Strive to measure and manage the gap between stakeholder perceptions and the performance of the Group;
  • Ensure that stakeholders are treated fairly and equitably in line with the Group’s Values;
  • Create a transparent and honest environment in which stakeholders can interact with the Group;
  • Provide complete, timely, relevant, accurate, honest and accessible information to stakeholders, while having regard to legal and strategic considerations;
  • Proactively communicate with stakeholders and seek their views and feedback using various, appropriate communication channels;
  • Promote awareness in our businesses around the importance and value of and methodologies for stakeholder consultation and relationship management; and
  • Seek ways to better manage and improve stakeholder engagement procedures and performance.

  • Donique De Figueiredo

    Ed Jardim

    Group Investor and Media Executive