Earning and retaining our stakeholders’ trust and support is critical to our success. As a multinational, multicultural Group, we interact with a variety of organisations, individuals and communities around the world, and in doing so we are guided by our Purpose, Vision and Values.

We define our key stakeholders as groups or individuals who:

Our sustainability management framework provides an overarching approach towards managing sustainability issues across the Group while allowing for flexibility and local adaptation. It sets out our commitment to operate in an ethical and sustainable way by:

  • Comply with King IV’s recommended practices pertaining to stakeholder relationships.
  • Integrate stakeholder engagement into the Group’s ongoing management and business activities.
  • Measure and manage the gap between stakeholder perceptions and Group performance.
  • Ensure the fair and equitable treatment of stakeholders in line with the Group’s Values.
  • Create a transparent and honest environment in which stakeholders can interact with the Group.
  • Provide complete, timely, relevant, accurate, honest and accessible information while at the same time being cognisant of legal and strategic considerations.
  • Proactively communicate with stakeholders and seek their views and feedback using appropriate communication channels.
  • Promote internal awareness on the importance and value of stakeholder consultation and relationship management, as well as the methodologies in place to facilitate this.
  • Find ways to improve stakeholder engagement procedures and performance.

For more information on our stakeholders see our online sustainability report.

  • Ed Jardim

    Ed Jardim

    Group Investor and Media Executive