Our approach to ethical leadership, corporate citizenship and sustainability is embedded in our culture of Engineered Excellence. We define sustainability as the purposeful delivery of projects in a responsible manner, while at the same time respecting the needs and expectations of our stakeholders and achieving industry-leading HSE performance. These are critical success factors for our business to remain resilient and competitive throughout economic and social cycles. The social & ethics committee ensures that the Group formulates collaborative responses to sustainability challenges.

Our sustainability management framework provides an overarching approach to managing sustainability issues across the Group, while allowing for flexibility and local adaptation. It sets out our commitment to operate in an ethical and sustainable way by:

  • Creating sustainable value for shareholders, clients, employees, partners and suppliers, as well as the communities in which we operate.
  • Understanding and mitigating our operational risks and taking advantage of opportunities.
  • Engaging with our stakeholders and taking their views and concerns into consideration when making strategic and operational decisions.
  • Managing all our impacts according to the principle of Zero Harm.
  • Applying best practice corporate governance.


Sustainability Framework