Community Development

Our CSI projects align to the Group’s strategy and support the social imperatives in our host communities, contributing to our corporate citizenship and ensuring our social licence to operate in the territories in which we have a presence.

Partnering for good

Our Community Development Programme ("CDP") in South Africa prioritises education and skills development, with a particular focus on supporting the socio-economic development of our host communities. Effective partnerships and continued engagement with members of these communities and our employees have ensured that the CDP responds directly to the needs and expectations of beneficiaries.

Early childhood development

For a number of years we have supported ECD, with a particular focus on numeracy and literacy development, as we believe that this provides a strong foundation for children to prosper in their later years. For over 60 years, the Murray & Roberts Child Welfare Fund has supported orphaned and vulnerable children from disadvantaged communities in South Africa. We provide funding for therapy, nutrition, shelter, education and equipment that improves learning or the living conditions of the children.

Primary and secondary school support

During the year, we partnered with seven organisations in South Africa to support the basic education of learners from disadvantaged communities. Our investment of R6,2 million supported the primary and secondary education of 4 203 beneficiaries in six provinces, with a core focus on mathematics, science and technology education.

Tertiary education and training support

Our Letsema Khanyisa Bursary Support Scheme, started 10 years ago, supports the dependents of qualifying Murray & Roberts employees to access tertiary education. The bursary covers registration and tuition fees, textbooks, a student allowance and transport, as well as accommodation on campus in certain instances. The scheme also provides vocational and career guidance, telephonic and face-to-face engagements, and study skills and life skills workshops. During FY2017, we invested R2,8 million, supporting 38 students studying business management, chemical and civil engineering, metallurgy, marketing management, analytical chemistry, law, economics and econometrics management.

A further R3,2 million was invested in academic programmes and industry research at the universities of the Witwatersrand and Stellenbosch. This funding helps to ensure that academic and industry research, bursar mentorship programmes, masters research and teaching talent is retained and maintained. Our funding enables the engineering faculties to attract and retain top teaching and research talent, a critical concern given the current climate of social protest related to tertiary education in South Africa. Our investments have also contributed to the transformation of the engineering faculties and has assisted to increase the number of qualified black graduate engineers. In turn, both universities have assisted Murray & Roberts with research and project work, resulting in leaner and more efficient business operations, and increased opportunities for innovation.

Community skills development

Targeting the advancement of our host communities, we spent R5,7 million in a variety of broad-based interventions related to life skills, sports development, leadership development, technical skills, and environmental and community skills training.

Medupi Leadership Initiative

The Medupi Leadership Initiative (“MLI”) provides a bridge to future employment opportunities for former employees of the Medupi Power Station project and selected community members. It also facilitates long-term positive impacts on job opportunities, infrastructure and the environment. Over the past three years, we have invested R8 million in the initiative, with an additional R3,4 million disbursed in FY2017. To date, the project has had significant impact with over 16 000 community members receiving financial literacy training and 2 000 attending the ‘drive your life’ training, 29 SMMEs participating in the Lephalale Enterprise Development Centre’s incubation process and 185 school gardens providing over 37 000 meals to children. The initiative has also trained 40 anti-rhino poaching officers, of whom 12 have found permanent employment, and it has trained and deployed 100 firefighters.

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