Community Development

As a Group, Murray & Roberts has a vested interest in the well-being of our employees, host communities and the local economies in which we operate. We therefore remain committed to adherence with legislation, codes of good practise and embedding appropriate business practises that promote socioeconomic growth, in a sustainable way. The Group has transformed its business practices over the years in line with the changing political, economic and social landscapes across the geographies where we are located. Likewise, community development practices within the Group have also been rigorously reviewed. In FY15, our South African businesses adopted a new Integrated Community Development (ICD) framework. The rationale for the integrated approach was informed by a combination of business and socioeconomic development imperatives within South Africa, including the need to strengthen integration between programmes; leverage funding across existing programmes; expand Murray & Roberts’ development footprint; enhance brand value and improve stakeholder relations.

After one year of implementation, the impact of the integrated approach has been widespread. In the South African context, partnerships with 40 organisations assisted us to impact 20 000 beneficiaries across various phases on the education pipeline and in all South African provinces. Notable community projects were also initiated by Murray & Roberts subsidiaries based in Africa and abroad and despite the vast distances in location, there are common features within our community engagement strategies.

  • Makgobadi Dikotla

    Makgobadi Dikotla

    Corporate Social Investment Officer
+27 11 456 6336