The RUC Cementation Mining Shaft Sinking Training Academy is a state-of-the-art purpose-built facility that produces the miners of the future.

With an industry-wide skills shortage, RUC has taken the lead by investing in recruiting, training and upskilling potential candidates for a career in mining.

Located at RUC’s Kalgoorlie Service Centre, the training academy includes classrooms, an operating shaft and virtual reality learning to provide a well-rounded learning experience with a mix of theory and practical training, exposing trainees to modern shaft sinking practices. After a positive assessment, trainees are mobilised to projects where they are exposed to ‘the RUC Way’ – a commitment to safety, quality, environmental stewardship and the delivery of its promises to clients.

The Cadet Programme complements the training academy by attracting people who are new to the mining industry, from school leavers to mature-age candidates, to create a new generation of miners with a supported learning culture.

RUC Mining has also built relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and encourages indigenous recruits to the Cadet Programme and ultimately full-time employment.

This investment in knowledge and training has paid dividends with the Cadet Programme, retaining 48% of its recruits and all having secured permanent employment with RUC on its projects in Western Australia and Tasmania.