The Group’s Purpose is to support the advancement of sustainable human development. It speaks to the relevance of what we do as an organisation, also to how we do it.

But what does this really mean and what is it that we wish to achieve as an organisation? Murray & Roberts exists to engineer and construct infrastructure that improves the lives of people, way beyond the duration of the project. Our purpose is thus much more than only generating profits for shareholders – although it is very important that we do deliver on all our financial commitments.

In today’s interconnected and ever-changing global society, it is essential that we create value for all our stakeholders, to enable us to also deliver long-term value for our shareholders. Companies must therefore continually adapt to evolving stakeholder expectations and unless they do so, they will ultimately be replaced by competitors.

Current expectations from stakeholders around the world, include a requirement for organisations to significantly improve their environmental, socioeconomic and governance (“ESG”) outcomes, which are important as they are being factored into capital allocation or investment decisions by financial institutions and investors. Murray & Roberts’ market focus covers those market sectors where infrastructure is established, aimed at growing economies and to address severe socioeconomic imbalances. Investment in these sectors follows conscious capital investment decisions and improved ESG outcomes from organisations active in these sectors are therefore important to attract the necessary capital from financial institutions and investors.

Investment in infrastructure is a proven way to stimulate economic development that can multiply socioeconomic and environmental value throughout economies and across communities. COVID-19 has devastated lives and economies around the world and rarely before has the world been in greater need of infrastructure-led growth and sustainable human development than now. It is expected that growing demand for infrastructure will also provide growing demand for Murray & Roberts services.

Our approach to sustainable human development and value creation is embedded in our values-led culture of Engineered Excellence. We design and deliver projects that are financially viable and create value for the Group and all its stakeholders. The quality and longevity of our projects do have a lasting and positive impact on the wellbeing of individuals, communities and on society.

The projects that we build, or the infrastructure assets that we create, have life expectancies of 20, 30 or even 50 years, or longer. We are essentially engineering and constructing monuments which are there for the benefit of human development for decades to come, whether it is a mine that we build that will provide employment for communities for the next 30 years, or whether it is a renewable energy power plant that will provide electricity to the economy and society for many years. These monuments that we build are there to support the advancement of sustainable human development. This is our Purpose.

We take a long-term approach – we create and sustain value over the long term.

We are focused on ensuring the sustainability of Murray & Roberts. If we stay true to our company's Purpose, while adapting to this new world around us, we will be able to deliver lasting returns for all our stakeholders.

It is gratifying to reflect on how well we have strategically prepared the Group for this dynamic world we operate in. We won’t be led – we choose to lead.