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Murray & Roberts is a leading South African Group of world-class engineering and construction companies and brands aligned to the same purpose and vision, and guided by the same set of values.

Murray & Roberts strives to communicate and engage openly, effectively and inclusively with all stakeholder groups. Key stakeholders are generally identified as groups or individuals impacted by our operations, with an interest in what we do or the ability to influence our activities, in proximity to our operations or dependent on Murray & Roberts. Mutual trust and understanding among our stakeholders is imperative.

Murray & Roberts has developed a Group stakeholder engagement policy and the responsibility for implementing the policy rests with the platform executives, managing directors and the Group communications function. The principles of this Group policy state that the Group will:

Comply with relevant laws, and the principles and best practice recommendations in the King Code of Governance Principles (“King III”) stakeholder relationships
Establish clear accountability for effective stakeholder engagement
Consider the views and concerns of stakeholders in the Group and its companies’ strategic and operational decision-making
Integrate stakeholder engagement into the ongoing management activities of the Group and its companies
Strive to measure and manage the gap between stakeholder perceptions and the performance of the Group and its companies
Ensure that stakeholders are treated fairly and equitably in line with the Group’s values
Create a transparent and honest environment for stakeholders to interact with the Group
Provide complete, timely, relevant, accurate, honest and accessible information to its stakeholders while having regard to legal and strategic considerations
Proactively communicate with stakeholders and seek their views and feedback using various and appropriate communication channels/mediums
Promote awareness in Group companies of the importance, value and methodologies for stakeholder consultation and relationship management
Seek ways to better manage and improve stakeholder engagement procedures and performance.

Our engagement process seeks to ensure that interaction with stakeholders in all our markets is effective and ongoing. Various methods are used across the Group to engage with stakeholders. These methods, among others, are grouped into the following categories:

Face-to-face engagement (one-on-one meetings, citizen panel/public meetings, including “town hall” meetings)
Technological engagement (website, intranet, email and SMS)
Printed engagement (media releases, newsletters, internal magazines, annual integrated report).

The Group continuously interacts with a diverse group of stakeholders. Our stakeholders are grouped into the following categories:

Shareholders and investment community
Financial institutions
Murray & Roberts operating companies
JV partners/service providers/suppliers/subcontractors
Special and other interest groups.

Our Group client service centre assists to bridge the knowledge gap between Murray & Roberts and its stakeholders. This facility is resourced by full time employees and processes more than 2 500 calls and email queries per month.

For a complete report on our Stakeholder Engagement please visit the online annual integrated report.